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Domeinnamenregister Wikipedia.
Een domeinnamenregister, ook domain name registry of kortweg registry genoemd, is een register van internet-domeinnamen voor een topleveldomein, of de organisatie die dit register beheert ook wel network information center geheten. Een registry ontleent zijn autoriteit aan ICANN, die voor de IANA het systeem van domeinnamen beheert en die verantwoordelijkheid deels kan delegeren aan andere organisaties.
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We have been registering domain names since 1996! That's' before 99% of the other domain. It's' easy, and the cost is. only 30 per domain name and as low as 15 per name. Fill out the SECURE domain. registry form located here: https//www.Domain.:
IE Domain Registry Register Your Dot ie Domain Names.
Every ie domain registration is checked to ensure that it has a connection with Ireland and a claim to the domain name in accordance with our policies. Find out more. From registration to renewal, our most frequently asked questions about domains and how to manage them are all answered in detail here. Find out more. IE Domain Registry CLG.
Nominet The Official Registry for UK Domain Names.
Were the biggest domain name registry in the UK, responsible for the uk, cymru, and wales top-level domains, and we play a behind the scenes role supporting bespoke domains for some of the worlds largest brands. Nominet is one of the worlds largest registry service providers, helping businesses, brands, geographies and communities around the world take advantage of their own top level domain.
Google Domains Google.
When you manage a domain with us, you get to use the same DNS servers as Google. This means your domain name will connect quickly and reliably to your website. We include 10 million resolutions per year for each domain you register with Google Domains.

Comprehensive contact Management. Our systems allow seamless modification of contact information across your domain portfolio. You and your customers can apply contact information changes to a single or multiple domain names at a go. Domains across 240 countries. 2015 Public Domain Registry.
Domain name registry Wikipedia.
Each registry is an organization that manages the registration of domain names within the domains for which it is responsible, controls the policies of domain name allocation, and technically operates its domain. It may also fulfill the function of a domain name registrar, or may delegate that function to other entities.
Domain Name Registration Process ICANN WHOIS.
The domain name registrant is bound by the terms and conditions of the registrar with which it registers its domain name, for instance adhering to a certain code of conduct or indemnifying the registrar and registry against any legal or civil action taken as a result of use of the domain name.

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